RESTful API 디자인


  • Create — POST
  • Read/Retrieve — GET
  • Update — PUT / PATCH
    • PUT — update or create, 리소스 대상이 존재하지 않으면 생성함.
    • PATCH — update only, 리소스 대상이 존재하지 않으면 오류
  • Delete — DELETE


RESTful API Design - PUT vs PATCH
When designing API endpoints, there's always the need to specify what http method to use for CRUD (Create, Read/Retrieve, Update, Delete) operations. Commonly, this is nailed down as: Given the mapping above, I won't be surprised if you think PUT and PATCH do the same thing and are simply aliases but you couldn't be further from the truth.
RESTful API Design - PUT vs PATCH
RESTful API Design - PUT vs PATCH
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