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가끔씩 dpkg가 Setting up 같은 작업을 할 때 무엇을 진행하는지 궁금할 때가 있다. 디버깅 모드를 사용하여 무엇을 하고 있는지 확인할 수 있다.

dpkg --debug=help
dpkg debugging option, --debug=<octal> or -D<octal>:
Number Ref. in source Description
1 general Generally helpful progress information
2 scripts Invocation and status of maintainer scripts
10 eachfile Output for each file processed
100 eachfiledetail Lots of output for each file processed
20 conff Output for each configuration file
200 conffdetail Lots of output for each configuration file
40 depcon Dependencies and conflicts
400 depcondetail Lots of dependencies/conflicts output
10000 triggers Trigger activation and processing
20000 triggersdetail Lots of output regarding triggers
40000 triggersstupid Silly amounts of output regarding triggers
1000 veryverbose Lots of drivel about eg the dpkg/info directory
2000 stupidlyverbose Insane amounts of drivel
Debugging options can be mixed using bitwise-or.
Note that the meanings and values are subject to change.
dpkg --debug=72200 [command]


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